Mental Health Planning; Crisis Response & Management

Working closely with our clients, mental health professionals, other experts in the field, and involved agencies, we help clients develop a step-by-step treatment plan to address what legally can be done regarding on-going conflicts, legal problems, and safety concerns.

We advise, guide, and zealously represent families and individuals regarding treatment options and their legal rights when mental illness, emotional challenges, and/or substance abuse issues cause conflict, crisis, legal problems, or safety concerns.

We are passionate about helping families obtain needed treatment for loved ones.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment solution for individuals with mental health challenges due to our diverse backgrounds, personalities, life experiences, traumas, and cultures.

We work with clients on Mental Health Planning to explain their rights, answer questions, and explore the most effective approaches for obtaining treatment. We also provide Crisis Response & Management, where urgent intervention & treatment is required due to immediate safety risks.

Additionally, our firm assists clients in Mediations and Mental Health Interventions, which can successfully resolve ongoing issues of conflict among families, loved ones in need of treatment, and others who are negatively impacted.

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Crisis Response & Management is provided when a client needs immediate and ongoing legal services and advocacy due to a serious change in circumstances or imminent safety risks.

This can include situations such as when a loved one is now aggressive/violent, can no longer live at home, is now on the streets, was taken to a facility or jail, etc.

Our firm can only accept a very limited number of Crisis Cases at any one time to accommodate the urgent legal needs of the Crisis Case client. Because the attorney’s time and caseload for non-crisis cases must be reduced to accommodate the Crisis Case client’s immediate needs, a non-refundable fee called a true retainer is required to retain the attorney for the Crisis Period.

Mental Health Planning involves meeting with families to develop a strategic, written plan for treatment, addressing ongoing conflicts and challenges.

The Mental Health Plan is tailored to the family’s unique situation and is intended to be the family’s step-by-step guide to obtaining treatment, containing crisis contacts, essential legal documents, voluntary and involuntary treatment options, and recommended facilities and mental health professionals.

Furthermore, we provide consultation and support to clients in executing their Plan, whether it involves Mediation, Mental Health Intervention, Law Enforcement, CAT Intervention, Hospitals, Facilities, or Court-Supervised Treatment (CARE Court, Assisted Outpatient Treatment, Conservatorship, Criminal Mental Health Diversion, etc.).

If someone you care about is at risk, we are available to provide a consultation to see if we can help.

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