Criminal Cases: Treatment & Diversion Advocate

When the mental health system has failed and criminal charges result, we represent the family seeking treatment for their loved ones — advocating for treatment and diversion programs in lieu of jail or punishment.

Often, families tell us they have reached out to law enforcement, CAT, PET, hospitals, facilities, and mental health professionals countless times begging for treatment for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc. The mental health system fails them time and again.

Not surprisingly, without needed treatment, our mentally ill family members sometimes commit criminal acts due to their disorder.

Often these are committed against the person and property of their own family and friends. We don’t want to press charges, but sometimes that is the only way to keep our loved ones and others safe, and to get court-ordered treatment. Also, even when the family does not want to prosecute, the prosecution is legally permitted to go forward with a criminal case.

Our firm is there to represent you as the family victims in these situations, to be your advocate in seeking care, rather than punishment, for your loved ones.

If someone you care about is at risk, our firm is available to provide a consultation to see if we can help.

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